Website Design Nottingham

If you think you may need a database driven website, a customer database, a CRM, or simply want a poke around, then you have come to the right place ;).


We are based in Nottingham and are here to answer any questions you may have, we are happy to explain a little about database driven websites [try to shut us up!] to ensure you are armed with all the information you will need before you book.

Let’s get to it:  Put simply; with a database driven website, you will be able to log-in to your website and make changes to your website quickly and efficiently. You will be able to add and delete your products, services pages and content with ease. No waiting around for anyone else, no waiting in queue for your changes to be done, then to be charged for it. If you can send an email, you will be able to edit your website. As everything we do is hand coded, your admin section will be written by hand, so you will find it easy to update your site, we guarantee it!

We wish to welcome you personally and assure you that you will not find a more dedicated Website Design Company in Nottingham who will help you every step of the way. There is lots of information about our Website Design Company and our Website Design Services here, so we hope you are sitting comfortably. We have customers still on our books from the day we were born (2004) so we must be doing something right. We are the kind of people who are passionate about code, its our drive, to have a career in something you love is very lucky, and we think it shows!

Why not get in touch now to find how how much your new website will be or simply look at our Website Design Prices. We don’t bite and you may be surprised at how cost effective a normal or Database Driven Website can be. You, your new website and your pocket will benefit from…

FREE UK DOMAIN NAME: applies to and domains
FREE Unlimited Hosting: for the first year (then £49.99pa)
FREE Unlimited use of our Testing Server: (offline version of your website)
FREE Statistics Program: Using Google Analytics
FREE Full Years Technical After-Support: We’re with you all the way!

Custom Customer Databases

We have long since been developing unique Customer Databases and CRM systems that are totally unique to you. Many businesses have found these immensely useful in the running of their business and say they could not now operate without one.

These  personalised and Hand-coded Customer Databases are built purely on your specifications [with added suggestions and ideas from us, of course, to ensure it performs in way you may not even have thought of]. Many business will already have one, but with plenty of issues, some being they do not always perform as they should, they may have masses of features you never use complicating things, are hard for new staff to get used to, or [and this is the killer] do not have the features your business needs.

Customer Databases are invaluable for any trade – and we mean any – from Motorbike Shops (to keep tabs on customers, purchases, and even MoT renewal dates) to Hair Dressers (where customer records can be kept and updated digitally), to Guest Houses and Hotels (keeping track of bookings and customers past, present and future)… so what ever your trade, trust us, you need one, and you wont believe how you operated with out one.

Why Go Hand Coded?

We noticed a gap in the website design market long ago, and that gap was bringing Database Driven Website Design to not only the rich and the famous. We noticed that the only content managed websites (this means where you as the owner of the site can update the website yourself without relying on your Web Developer to make any changes for you) were off-the-shelf systems (See Hand Coded Vs Off-the-Shelf) which not only were insecure, but very limited in terms of functionality, personalisation, security, usability, optimisation [the list goes on], we noticed many businesses were happy with this to start with, but soon realised that the off-the-shelf website could not sustain the needs of the Internet becoming what it is today and could not meet the need of the growing businesses. [we were also surprised at the website design prices some companies were charging to for these systems, when all they had to do what change a few colours and insert a logo], there was a massive gap here, and this is where Nottingham’s Media Design Studio Ltd slotted in nicely [even if we do say so ourselves]

We invested time, effort and money into actually learning from the ground up these technologies that make content managed websites a reality, so what does this mean for you? It means a website that is built around you, for you, and about you. Some of the oldest, most successful and famous names on the Internet today (eBay, Facebook, Friends Reunited, Google), no doubt started life using some off-the-shelf programs but their sheer success lies in real Web Development by having everything hand coded. There is no way anything off-the-shelf could have given such success or returns.

About Us

So, it would seem you need a website for your business, and where better to go than a local Nottingham Website Design Company who know the industry inside out, a website design company who has over 15 years experience in Web Design (this is longer than even Google has been a household name, and when dial-up internet was the norm). The Website Design industry has a reputation for companies starting up and vanishing all of the time, so you can rest assured we are very established, and are one of the longest established Website Design Companies in the UK.